Sassy FAQ



Sexting is a Flat Rate price. It's $14.99 for up to 30 minutes. If we sext for 10 minutes or 29 minutes it is still $14.99.  

You get a 30 minute sexting session with a live girl. We interact and have an on going "chat". We can share porn if you'd like but girls will not send selfies. Please do not ask.  If a girl decides to send a nude pic she will chose to do that on her own. Our policy is none - but each girl may choose to once she gets to know you.

Simple! Just call the toll free number and I will handle all of the billing.  We accept Visa-Mastercard-Amex-Discover

Yes! The billing is so private that we do not even post it on the website just in case your significant other were to google the name. We want to keep your dirty secret safe.  

You can take a quick look at the Sassy Chicks HERE.  Different girls are available at different times. Click their pics for availability.

We are open from 9 am until 9 pm Eastern Time.  Some sassy chicks may make special arrangements with you once you become a client though. 

Well sexting is not designed for long elaborate fantasies. It's a quick and simple way to "get off" with naughty words.  We can say anything.

Because you know what you want and you don't want to waste time trying to find a chick willing to immediately jump into sexting.  We're not expecting dinner and a movie and we're going to jump right to it and cater to you. And yes we do enjoy it. Wouldn't you sext all day if you could too?

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