sexting sessions with Lynnea My name is Lynnea and I’m a sexy sensual gal that LOVES Sexting!  There is nothing I enjoy more than remaining naughty all the time. I even work as a phone sex operator. I have a regular life so as much as I want to be naked, fucking, or masturbating all day long… I can’t. I mean we all would right? But that’s not how “reality” works out. So I can be a very dirty girl all day long through sexting!  I set up this really personalized system where guys can spend a little cash and KNOW that they will score with me!  

Sext with me… or my Friends

Only $14.99 for up to 30 minutes

Payments and set up are SO easy! All major credit cards accepted. It’s just $14.99 for up to 30 minutes. Since it’s a “flat rate” price if you end your session before the 30 minutes is up you’ll lose the rest of your time. 

There are just a few Rules you must understand!

We do not send nude pics. Sorry! Some girls are actually cool with it but our policy is none. Please don’t pester anyone for pics and once they really get to know you well they might send some. But allow it to be her choice. 

This is a flat rate fee for Sexting.  The chats are timed and wil end on the dot. But you are able to see the how much time you have left.

You can immediately purchase another session as one ends.