Sexting with Brianna

Bubbly Brianna is hot and young. But don’t worry she’s really naughty!


$14.99 for 30 minutes

$25.99 for 60 minutes

Call Now for Instructions


Call 1-888-837-3301

Listen closely to the Recording. You'll be given a link to make a payment online.

If you need some assistance you can connect to an Agent, but the payment is done online only.

Once you have been approved you can text us at 1-888-837-3301 to tell us your name and the sassy chick you'd like to text with. In a few moments, she'll text you and your session will start.

Unused sessions are voided at 9 pm EST each night so if for any reason you can’t connect with a lady you do not have to worry about the charge remaining on your bill.



We do not send nude pics. Sorry! Some girls are actually cool with it but our policy is none. Please don't pester anyone for pics and once they really get to know you well they might send some. But allow it to be the lady's choice. 

This is a flat-rate fee for Sexting.  Time left over if you finish the session early does not remain in your account. 

All sessions must be used up in 1 session or within the allotted time period.

You can immediately purchase another session as one ends. 

You can send us dick pics for no extra charge.

There are NO REFUNDS when you have had your session.

Abuse of Policies will result in you being banned.

Sexting is subject to legalities. There ARE Taboos. We do not discuss any illegal topic and that means if it is illegal in real life we won't discuss it.

No Ageplay, No Blood, No Drugs, No Toileting, No Non-Human characters, No Incest, No Violence.

These are not "our" rules. These rules come from Visa-MC-Disc and by federal laws attached to text messages. 

If you attempted to engage us in any of these topics the session will end immediately with NO REFUND.

If you want these kinds of fantasy chats then please use our phone sex service where taboo talk is allowed.


$10 Phone Sex Quickies



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